Kód: 1180312 | Značka: Antinote

18 RAYS - 18 RAYS EP

290 Kč

Sitting somewhere between some sort of timeless and somehow aquatic dream pop and blurred visions of an eerie grunge sound, that probably never was. That being said, the genesis of 18 RAYS might explain why their debut EP turns out to be such an intimate affair: while it took its members down memory lane, the listener will embark on an ethereal trip, taking him to a parallel universe in which the sounds of Cocteau Twins, Durutti Column or A.C. Marias endlessly resonate while Wild At Heart keeps on running for the Palme d’Or.

A1 I Feel Rain

A2 These Empty Stairs

B1 Long Time Ago

B2 North West Plaza

Kategorie: Žánry
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