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Adult Fantasies - Towers Of Silence LP 12"

550 Kč

"“Als das Kind Kind war, wusste es nicht dass es Kind war” the opening words of “Himmel über Berlin (Wings of Desire)” by Wim Wenders are so incredibly simple and innocent that they strike you down like the most murderous thunderbolt: “When the child was a child, it didn’t realize it was a child”. Are these words the fantasies of an adult or are these words the adult cogitations of a child’s brain?

A1 Under A Steelplate Sky

A2 Parsi

A3 Life In Transit

A4 Lear

A5 Cage

A6 Pagan Litany

B1 Le Petit Chat

B2 Of Things Gone

B3 Daddy-Bear

B4 Twilight

B5 In Darkness I Dwell

B6 The Party Is Over

Kategorie: Wave / Experimental
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