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Kód: 1180880 | Značka: Aestum

Aestum - Aestum 12" LP

599 Kč

Aestum’s self-titled debut album is an in-depth journey into supreme and tranceformative soundscapes. The combination of monolithic electronica with decaying fantasies and slow-motion euphoria reinvents the distant remnants for a state of trance, a multiverse vision of feeling that was evoked by timeless parties and almost religious peak-time anthems during end of 90’s and 00’s when Aestum as a duo of young friends were entering dancefloors across Europe. 

Kategorie: Novinky
Catalogue number: AMMXX1
Release date: 14 Jul 2021

If Lorenzo Senni specializes in build up and the moment of tension which trance music is so notorious for, Aestum might be considered his polar opposite."
– Inverted Audio

Visuals and fantasy videos were created by Emma Pryde

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