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Kód: 1180655 | Značka: Dispari

Anatolian Weapons / Hector Zazou with Laurie Anderson - An Afterthought / Into Your Dreams

350 Kč

Far away and yet so close: the first release of „dispari“, a freshly launched venture by Hamburg based artist Phuong-Dan, is transitionally sublime. The vinyl record composes inherently different, distinct elements into one bewildering story arc. There is no A or B side; endlessly endless, both sides transmit transcendence. One side brings an almost eight minute long infinite, ambient musing by Greek producer Anatolian Weapons. The short-termed opposition features French composer Hector Zazou with US-American artist Laurie Anderson. 

A1 Anatolian Weapons – An Afterthought

B1 Hector Zazou with Laurie Anderson - Into Your Dreams

Kategorie: Novinky
Release date: 25 Apr 2021
Catalogue number: Dispari001
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Two disparate sides, which manifest „dispari’s“ desire to follow the extensive path of music and not the narrow road of style. It hopes to open doors for a variety of outlooks on the language of sound and beyond. For „dispari“, any format appears interesting, and with the potential for collaboration. Interdisciplinary projects in disparate media natures like text and film, or simply unfathomable phenomena, are all possible future propositions. Maybe the next signals will come as an auditory publication, an art space performance, or just as a night in a bar, where dissimilar atoms dance for similar desires. For now, length eats briefness and brevity defeats the epic in a dream of strange disparity, walking on weightless soles, aglow in starry zones.

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