Kód: 1350 | Značka: Macadam Mambo

Andrea Noce & David Kristian - Be In Sync 12''

230 Kč

This project is a long distance collaboration between two amazing artists : Andrea Noce and David Kristian during the year 2013. Each track have been made after set up basic guidelines (style, tempo, structure, and workflow).

Kategorie: Ambient / Electronic
Catalogue number: MMLP202
Release date: 25 Nov 2015
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David Kristian has been making electronic for over 20 years, composing everything from experimental music to IDM, electro and synthpop. With over a dozen albums and countless 12"s and compilation appearances, David's discography continues to grow. David's soundscapes and soundtrack can also be heard on everything from science-fiction and horror movies to promotional spots for an X-rated cable channel.
Andrea Noce is a very talented singer, producer, polynstrumentist and visual artist based in Berlin, she has many different projects in solo (Eva Geist), in group (Vera Mona, Le Rose) or collaborations.

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