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Anton Klint - Lyckliga Manniskor (Black Merlin Remix) 12"

290 Kč

Anton Klint hails from Sweden and likes to make music at night. In his first release for Hivern he shows once again his knack for producing highly amusing electronic dancing sounds.


Lyckliga Människor

Djembe Unchained

Djembe Unchained (Black Merlin Remix)

Kategorie: Techno
Položka byla vyprodána…

Both of his tracks in ‘Lyckliga Människor’ are twisted, playful and hard to pin down, which gives them a unique freshness. The title track is a schizoid take on tribalistic house, in which playful percussion layers and nervous synth sequences provide the background to its menacing vocal sample. ‘Djembe Unchained’ is, as its title suggests, still heavy on the percussions, but these are generously processed through delays to build a spaced-out and dizzy atmosphere. The track gets the remix treatment by our long-time favourite Black Merlin, who sharpens the beat to invoke mystic forces and push ‘Djembe Unchained’ into slo-mo cosmic techno territories. The artwork is by Barcelona-based artist Xavier Marin.

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