Kód: 1180370 | Značka: STROOM

Aponogeton - A Place Of Solace LP 12"

450 Kč

This album is the result of some musings on what drives us in life and how we come to terms with our place in the world. I wrote it around the time I was finishing my philosophy degree. I had also come to a point where I wanted to make music that was more personal, emotional and conceptual than before.

A1 Prologue

A2 A Date With The Zone

A3 The Night Sky Is Falling (Sixth Seal)

A4 This Concerns You

B1 Hardness And Strength Are The Companions Of Death

B2 Artemiev’s Dream Or: The Metaphysical Horror Of An Unpredictable World

B3 A Quiet Place

B4 Consolation For Martiška

Kategorie: Ambient / Electronic
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