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Arthur Russell - Another Thought 2x12" LP
899 Kč

 Originally released on CD in 1993Arthur Russell's Another Thought was first released posthumously in 1994, two years after his death. The tracks date from between 1982 to...

Kód: 1180899
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VA - Strain, Crack & Break: Music From The Nurse With Wound List Volume 1
699 Kč

Strain Crack & Break: Music From The Nurse With Wound List Volume One (France) by Various Artists After years of mythology, misinterpretation and procrastination Nurse With...

Kód: 1180894
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CV Vision ‎– In Time 10'' EP
390 Kč

With relationships, as with music, timing is everything. When the elements sit together in the pocket, it just feels right - and that groove can’t be forced. Lovers and players...

Kód: 1180779
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Benjamin Lew - Le Personnage Principal Est Un Peuple Isolé LP
550 Kč

“Benjamin Lew was an enlightened amateur, in the noble and almost Renaissance-like sense of the word: he dabbled with equal grace in photography, writing, visual arts ... and...

Kód: 1180553
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VA ‎– De Koer 1981 (Rare Demos - Previously Released On Cassette)
450 Kč

A collection of demos and live recordings from Amsterdam/Dutch post-punk bands capture the early 80s sound and offer a unique insight into the spontaneous, DIY music style of...

Kód: 1180468
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