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Kód: 1180589
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Jeremiah R. - The New Wave 12"
950 Kč

"Signaling the genesis of a new force in machine soul, Organic Analogue commences operations with the effervescent tones of Jeremiah R’s The New Wave EP, a full-bodied,...

Kód: 1180590
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Jeremiah R. - Underwater Title 12"
750 Kč

Clearly refering to a certain Detroit outfit, for the fans of that 'aqua' sound. - 7 tracks. Check!

Kód: 1180591
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Skander - Dirge 12"
199 Kč

Skander is an Afghan-American DJ, Producer from San Francisco, California. A1 Dirge 1 A2 Dirge 2 B1 Dirge 3 B2 Dirge 4

Kód: 1278
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VA - All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace
699 Kč

Public System presents a monster collection of the grubbiest, punked out lo fi deviant electronics from the true underground. All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace...

Kód: 1275
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Maoupa Mazzocchetti ‎– Infinite Glance Cour 12"
299 Kč

Infinite Glance Court by Maoupa Mazzocchetti

Kód: 1272
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Bronze Teeth - Blotting Paper EP 12"
199 Kč

Spiritual/industrial cyberpunk techno tracks for the dystopian age. No pain, no gain. For all Bunker/Blawan etc. heads. Bronze Teeth - Blotting Paper by Bio Rhythm

Kód: 1269
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Adam X – Bedeviled 12"
250 Kč

While focusing on his side projects ADMX-71 and Traversable Wormhole the past two years, the pioneering forefather of the industrial techno groove Adam X returns on Sonic Groove...

Kód: 1266
R 6119308 1411637977 9160.jpeg
Savage Grounds – Over Fences 12"
199 Kč

Savage Grounds are CCO and Daniele Cosmo, co-owner of Lux Rec. A techno related outfit to explore a darker, noisier and more menacing sound. Over Fences by Savage Grounds

Kód: 1263
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VA - Let's Pet Puppies Special Edition Vol. 1 2x12"
399 Kč

Obscure but essential Chicago tracks! Including Rio D! A1 Marcus "Mixx" Shannon - Sweet Nectar B1 Jody "Fingers" Finch - Short Fat Skinny Tall (Brian Heath Mix 1) C1 Marcus...

Kód: 1260
R 9811293 1486687247 5586.jpeg
199 Kč

N/A by N/A

Kód: 1257
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I.B.M. – My Life As A Skinny Puppy 12"
250 Kč

Steve Poindexter & Hieroglyphic Being produced dark, distorted & noisy pure Chicago techno/house - oldschool but fresh at the same time!

Kód: 1254
R 3120269 1330211277.jpeg
IAMTHATIAM – Time 4 Harmony In This World EP
220 Kč

Latest works by Hieroglyphic Being aka Jamall Moss... ''Time 4 Harmony In This World'' from MOSS opens with the title track that is a 15 minute ride of percussive elements,...

Kód: 1251
R 10983461 1507651162 3824.jpeg
Mick Wills ‎– M.W. Cuts 12''
220 Kč

Arma Records returns with a rare treat from legendary DJ Mick Wills. A Das Geschwader - Himmelfahrt 89 (M.W.Cut) B B. The Vox - Stay Silent (M.W.Cut)

Kód: 1248
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Exhausted Modern - Happy Hertz Club Banned 12"
299 Kč

Men of the hour and part of the Endless Illusion crew from Prague joins RET with a 5 tracker ranging from Electro to wave-ish Techno. Happy Hertz Club Banned (RET004) by...

Kód: 1245
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Robert Bergman – B02 12''
175 Kč

Raw & mental jack tools by herr Bergman! A1 7 Hours A2 Buoy B1 Exp. 1 B2 Exp. 2

Kód: 1242
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CP / BW - Untitled 12"
350 Kč

CP/BW is a collaboration between Corporate Park and Beau Wanzer. The LP collects material recorded over the past 3 years from various fits and bursts in Denton, TX. It's a slimy...

Kód: 1239
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Design A Wave – Snakeface 12" + 7"
250 Kč

Limited LP & 7'' pack from synth pop(?) giant Design A Wave. Big sounds on these cool electronic disco edged cuts. A1 untitled A2 untitled A3 Punisher B1 Telephone B2...

Kód: 1236
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AIR LQD – Repeat Itself LP
250 Kč

A1 About U.F.O. A2 External Mind Fog A3 A Foolish Game A4 Brain Eaters A5 Go Sideways B1 In Front Of YouB2 AbsenteeistB3 Nothing BetweenB4 Quiet MovementB5 MetalheadB6...

Kód: 1233
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Bill Converse ‎– The Shape Of Things To Come 2x12"
475 Kč

A1 Thank You A2 Currents B1 Dorje Ngodup B2 Threshold C1 Position Of Home C2 Tolerance D Magnetic

Kód: 1230
R 10589783 1500491314 3335
Galen Herod - Word & Musics 2LP Gatefold 1983-88
650 Kč

As heard on his prior V-O-D salvos - both solo and in Tone Set with his KAET radio colleague Greg Horn - Galen Herod was a dead funny chap who laced his charmingly lean but...

Kód: 1180588
a1198764207 10
Mikron - Warning Score 12"
950 Kč

 Mikron's love of melody and pattern are very much at the forefront with every track full of great hooks and rhythms. The album takes you on a journey through various sub...

Kód: 1180587
R 8897046 1473377169 5629
Expansives ‎- Life With You... 12"
490 Kč

Gianluigi “Gigi” Farina and Francesco Rago are to be counted among Italo disco's true originators. Operating as a duo under many monikers, they brought us masterpieces such as...

Kód: 1180585
R 4117715 1355869675 6889
Melodious Myles & Bo - Odyssey Love 12"
300 Kč

Classic early Chicago release re-issued by the artist himself (Victor ''melodious'' Miles Houston). Trademark production for that period with lovely strings over superb bass...

Kód: 1180584
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