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Bonie Jash - Shirase

200 Kč

Limited edition of 55 C44 tapes.
SHIRASE by BONIE JASH displays a surprising pop sensibility, sometimes remaining wholly subterranean but other times surfacing into full-fledged song-like structures, and in a way, Shirase sounds like a collection of motives from some long-forgotten adventure serial.

Kategorie: Kazety
Release date: 18 Feb 2018

Frequently, we hear chopped up vocal manipulations over a steady rhythm and crystal, synthetic percussion - almost but never quite dropping into some candy EDM wonderland. Yet these moments find immediate counterpoint in the surrounding tracks full of hazy, stretched-out tones, fuzzy atmospheric environments, soft crackling and crinkling. Regularly, the sound has filmic, ceremonial quality to it, using harmonium-like chord washes, suspended stretched strings to allow space for elaborate dream scenes.

Limited edition of 55 C44 tapes.
Pro-dubbed by Headless Duplicated Tapes.
Hand-printed cover by Nikola Logosová.

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