Kód: 1180058 | Značka: Frigio

Boris Divider - Parallel 12"

200 Kč

In recent years, following EPs like Surface and Aeon, the Cuenca based artist has changed his canvas.

Kategorie: Bazar
Release date: 27.06.2014
Catalogue number: Frigio015
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The colder coils of Electro have been replaced with warmer tones. Parallel sees Boris take up the analogue brush for some wondrously vivid soundscapes. The title piece is a distanced work of twilight electronics. Rippling waves blur, resonating arcs soaring into the stratosphere for a deep, ambient and intoxicating track. Label boss Juanpablo is up on remix duty. Percussion scorn is poured onto the original. Samples haunt while acid lines invade and claps maraud for a bruising interpretation. Arcanoid, a trailblazer of Iberian electronics, debuts on Frigio with two takes on the title track (Version 1 & ''). Version1 is broken down and rebuilt, Industrial sorrows swirled in staggered drums and bulging bass. Beats are bolstered for the hardened “Version2.” Melodies orbit, stretching against a fierce gravitational pull as tempos rise into the otherworldly. The final installment, Tangential, sees Boris Divider return. Clean arpeggios rumble, clicks sinking into a thick analogue soup. Dense bars prowl in a haze before lances of light break to an awe-inspiring future dawn. Cerebral sounds and dancefloor hammers from the heart of Spain.

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