Kód: 1180319 | Značka: Cititrax

Bruta Non Calculant - World in a Tear LP

690 Kč

Project by Alaxis Andreas G, the mastermind behind Le Syndicat Electronique and numerous other analog electronic, experimental and esoteric industrial folk projects of the past 20 years. Alaxis formed Bruta Non Calculant in 2006 along with his brother Victor-Yann (De Frontanel). An unsurprisingly impressive Bruta Non Calculant’s debut album blends new wave elements with folkloric balladry impeccably, and approaches this with a modern sensibility. World In A Tear is an elegant collection of seductive songs.

A1 Civilisation

A2 The Perfect One

A3 Coins Fall From My Pocket

A4 World In A Tear

B1 Taire

B2 Oh My Tree!

B3 Oro In El Crisol

B4 La Barque

B5 A.M.

B6 Our Grief

Kategorie: Wave / Experimental

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