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Bufiman - Albumsi 2LP

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The year is 2019, and Jan Schulte is spelling out his vision in simple terms. Within the first few of Albumsi’s hour-plus runtime, our host lays out the mat, and welcomes us to the ‘Galaxy’, just as he welcomed us to ‘Zum Paradies’ on Instrumentalmusik von der Mitte der World. There, he donned a Wolf Müller mask. Here it is nom de doof, Bufiman. The directive is clear: buckle up, as this trip advisor for countless left-of-the-dial dancers and deep thinkers alike is back in the hot seat.

A1 Galaxy

A2 Sara Sara

A3 Hoolock Rock

B1 Blow Your Head

B2 Pantasy

C1 News From The Treetops

C2 Langsam Aber Slowly

C3 I Think I Got It Under Control Now

C4 Well, Traumhaft

D1 Coolness

D2 Apo-Calypso

D3 Rave The Forest

Kategorie: House
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