Kód: 1653 | Značka: Wrong

C4AT - Strahov (Cass - WT04)

250 Kč

Rising techno talent from Prague and member of Organizovaný Plevel collective, hits hard both live and in the studio. Eight tracks of industrial screeches driven by pounding kicks, noisy synths and distorted screams are made for dirtiest clubs.

Kategorie: Industrial
Catalogue number: WT04
Release date: May 7, 2021
Položka byla vyprodána…

Album was produced in a studio placed at Strahov, largest stadium ever built, that used to serve for displaying synchronised gymnastics (Spartakiads) on a massive scale organised by the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia. This concrete monster of a structure definitely made a mark in the desolate and aggressive feeling of brutal sound of the album. Heavy, bare to the bones structures, evilish and unnerving.

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