Kód: 1180230

Circling Vultures - Untitled 12"

350 Kč

Chicago veterans Justin Aulis Long and Ken Zawacki returned to L.I.E.S. with their second ep under their Circling Vultures moniker. 

Game Of Change

Cut With The Kitchen Knife

The Age Of Revolt

Suicided By Society

Kategorie: Žánry
Release date: 19 Sept 2018
Catalogue number: LIES112

On this offering we get four tracks of tough yet psychedelic machine music. From slow bpm beaters to metal on metal floor cuts, these are executed with precision to do maximum damage whenever played. Sinking their teeth in and never letting go, looming over and waiting for the right moment to strike...tense music for the end times! Another killer from these seasoned club vets.

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