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Cold Front - Beyond The Beat 12"

299 Kč

Founded in 1990 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Cold Front were what you'd call early adaptors, their music at the time of its inception an oddity. They were far ahead of their time and faded just as rapidly as they entered the stage, only playing a handful of local shows in support of Nine Inch Nails, Meat Beat Manifesto and such, alongside several cameos during early house nights and techno events.

A1 Beyond The Beat (Radio Mix)

A2 Beyond The Beat (Infinite Mix)

A3 Beyond The Beat (Subterranean Bass Mix)

B1 Stars And Stripes

B2 Minus 22 Degrees Fahrenheit (Ambient East)

B3 Side By Side (Rough Mix 1)

Kategorie: Electro
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