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Contrepoison - ...Until Next Morning 12"

399 Kč

Deep, somber vocals filled with sorrow and anger cap it all. 45 rpm 12" vinyl + insert. A press of 500 on  Avant! Records.


Until Next Morning

The Snake Has Bitten Its Tail


To Never, Forever

Kategorie: Bazar
Catalogue number: AV!011
Release date: 20 Apr 2011
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Contrepoison is a solo project by Pierre-Marc Tremblay, Canadian musician who’s been also involved in other extreme bands through his life.
As you may already know Contrepoison is the French meaning of the word "antidote" and Contrepoison can be seen as an antidote for love.
This 4-track EP shows the darkest and most anguished side of the human feeling, where drum machines sound like heartbeats and synthesizers are as liquid as tears.

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