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Corporation - Graffito

200 Kč

Limited edition of 55 C48 tapes.

GRAFFITO by CORPORATION (Keru Not Ever & Racine) is a volatile point cloud forged from a peculiar alloy, a paradoxical blueprint inviting multiple readings. Various perspective lines can be tracked but it never becomes explicit what space, what landscape, which geometry is being sketched, where these lines of inquiry precisely converge.

Kategorie: Kazety
Release date: 2 Aug 2019
Položka byla vyprodána…

The sound approach is diagonal, smeared, aerosolized - but as the diffusive movement advances the quantitative turns qualitative and moments of pure texture turn ornate, verticalized again - the phase transition is complete. During this state of emergence, iridescent precipitations, multi scale order and newly formed domains ossify, only to venture into the fracture zone again, to crumble into dust, to roll along the path of entropy. Yet time linearity has no business here and many crossroads are offered, insinuations to loop back, to overlay, to spin the arrow of time like a top - resulting in an entangled sound agglomerate that is transient in contradictory senses: with both a fleeting, elusive aspect as well as the intermittent sharp time differential.

Limited edition of 55 C48 tapes.
Pro-dubbed by Headless Duplicated Tapes.
Cover design by Daniel Vojtíšek.
Hand-printed by KudlaWerkstatt.

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