Kód: 1180320 | Značka: Dark Entries

De Bons En Pierre - EP no 1 12"

390 Kč

Duo of Beau Wanzer & Maoupa Mazzocchetti reunited for a two day recording session in Brussels and recorded 13 tracks that we’ve split across 2 EPs with 6 tracks on ‘EP No. 1’ and 7 tracks on ‘EP No. 2’. Beau says, “We hooked everything up and just pushed play. We didn’t really discuss much about the process….it was very ‘spur of the moment’.” Each EP contains 25 minutes of dance floor perversions that tackle an array of rhythmic forms. 

A1 Wrong Dose Nice Things

A2 Pop Corn Sous Le Lit

A3 Insect Repellent Company

B1 No Cure For Cancer

B2 A Very Bad Meal

B3 The War Room

Kategorie: Techno
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