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Detente 2020 - Enough EP

250 Kč

Red Limited Edition Cassette.
Following a stellar debut EP last year, Prague-based FM Label is back with a new release this March. The second release from the imprint sees FM Label founder Uncalled 4 team up with Czech artist Roman Horinek as part of their new Detente 2020 project.Titled ‘Enough’, the release is the second EP in a trilogy that pays homage to hip-hop and rap through the years. While part one of the trilogy was inspired by the ‘80s, part two explores ‘90s hip-hop and rap, mixing the iconic era’s sounds with contemporary influences.

Kategorie: Kazety
Release date: 8 March 2021
Catalogue number: FM02

The title track sees Detente 2020 team up with NYC hip-hop legend Afu-Ra (Gang Starr) and vocalist Charlie One to bridge iconic ‘90s street rap with contemporary electronic sounds and cinematic vibes. The EP also features an acapella version of the track, along with remixes from Detente 2020, DJ Schwa, Olsvangèr and Oliver Torr.
DJ Schwa goes back to the roots with an old-school, acid-laden broken-techno remix, while Prague-based artist Oliver Torr’s remix transforms the original into a slowed-down experimental track. In contrast, Tel Aviv native Olsvangèr’s remix of ‘Enough’ is a dancefloor weapon suitable for dark and sweaty clubs and summer open-air festivals.

The other original track from the EP, ‘Bucket Tube’ is a result of a collaboration between Detente and Czech Philharmonic Orchestra drummer Jakub Tengler, who played buckets, pots, pipes and other unusual objects to create the percussive track.

Norway’s Fett Burger takes ‘Bucket Tube’ on a ride through NYC with his ‘Work Out’ remix, creating the feeling of walking around the streets of the Big Apple.

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