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Doris Norton - Artificial Intelligence 12"

375 Kč

As one of the most important pioneers in synthesis and early computer music, Doris Norton's career is celebrated with a trilogy of reissues on Mannequin.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Language

Advanced Micro Music

Sylicon Valley

Juno 106 Software

Norton Institute

Norton Musik Research

Oh Supermac

Bit Killed Hertz

JX-3P Software

Kategorie: Žánry
Release date: 28 Sept 2018
Catalogue number: MNQ121

The Artificial Intelligence EP was originally released in 1985 and saw the the Italian-born producer pursue her trademark avant-garde style. Featuring powerful early electro and synthpop sounds in the same realm as Kraftwerk and Yellow Magic Orchestra, Norton is said to have composed the album using the alphanumeric keyboard on her Apple Mac (as one of its first endorsers) which was hooked up to minimal equipment - namely the Roland JX-8P.

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