Kód: 1180455 | Značka: Vampi Soul

Estela Magnone, Jaime Roos - Mujer de sal junto a un hombre vuelto carbón

500 Kč

This LP is the first in a series of full-album reissues that Vampisoul (co-produced in collaboration with Little Butterfly Records) is releasing as a valuable add-on to the recent and largely acclaimed compilation “América Invertida”­, a work that focused on the obscure leftfield pop and experimental folk scene from ‘80s Uruguay, making some of these elusive and essential albums available again.


Kategorie: Novinky
Release date: 14 Dec 2020
Catalogue number: VAMPI 225

Synth ambiences, acoustic landscapes, deep songwriting and subtle candombe percussions combine in most of the musical output released in Uruguay during those years. A very unique sound was developed within the narrow boundaries of Montevideo, the country’s capital city, by just a small group of very talented artists.

“Mujer de Sal Junto a Un Hombre Vuelto Carbón” was largely overlooked in Uruguay at the time of its release, despite the fact that Jaime Roos was one of the most popular musicians in the country back in 1985. The album was very different from anything else and even today still sounds out of time. The intricate melodies and Estela Magnone’s exquisite voice invite comparisons with Elizabeth Fraser’s vocals and the ethereal pop of the Cocteau Twins. The strange textures of the Juno synthesizer and drum machines bring to mind bands that appeared after this album such as Broadcast or Stereolab.

The use of highly organic sounds, combined with electronic instruments applying timbres and programming that heighten the “artificial” sound quality, are part of this concept. Nonetheless, within the framework of paring down the songs, we find extremely sophisticated harmonic arrangements or songs where a mere sprinkling of elements creates a dreamlike and almost mantric ambience such as ‘Tras tus ojos’ (already supported by DJs like Gilles Peterson, Bradley Zero or John Gomez in their radio shows).

This couple album is really like no other and its timeless charm remains intact 35 years later.

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