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Galen Herod - Word & Musics 2LP Gatefold 1983-88

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As heard on his prior V-O-D salvos - both solo and in Tone Set with his KAET radio colleague Greg Horn - Galen Herod was a dead funny chap who laced his charmingly lean but bright machine animations with wickedly off-the-cuff observations about life in mid-west America in a droll way that should resonate with and raise a chuckle from anyone who’s experienced life beyond the big cultural centres. It’s a music that defies frustration and boredom with silly wisdom and instinct, and still sounds uncannily fresh today because of it.

Kategorie: Bazar
Media Condition: Near Mint
Sleeve Condition: Near Mint
Release date: 2017, Reissue, Limited, Numbered
Catalogue number: vod150.gh1/2
Original Release date: 1983-88
Položka byla vyprodána…

Across the course of four tape albums included - plus a pre-Tone Set bonus The Compact Man which opens the set - we follow his development “from home-brew synth pop to a sort of Dinosaur Jr sound” as the wigged out and deadly funky strains of Looking for the Perfect Love and The Pig Story from his Glad To Be A Human [1983] tape give way to subtly more layered and rounded sound in the electro-country twanger of Maybe I’m A Martian and the creamy boogie contours of Dumb Questions from the Food For The Mood [1984] album, to some excellent Arthur Russell/Dinosaur Jr vibes in Everything Is Happy and Nice from the Bite The Wax Tadpole [1987] tape, although the flowery jangles of Where the Heck is Mr. Fun [1988] are passable.

Essentially it’s crammed with some of the nattiest ohrwurms you’ve (probably) never heard, and if lyrics likes “i hate the mid-west / there’s no culture / it’s like stale yogurt / there’s nothing but pickup trucks that don’t work / i hate corn / we didn’t get to see ET till the last week” tickle you like they do us, it’s really a no-brainer!

A1 The Compact Man
A2 Looking For The Perfect Love
A3 The Pig Story
A4 Prisoners Of Love
A5 Twenty Miles From Cuba
A6 The Boy With The Swollen Head
A7 The River Picnic
B1 Squalor Is Happy
B2 The Psychic By The Pool
B3 Maybe I'm A Martian
B4 I Want Money
B5 Combing My Hair In Hell
B6 Dumb Questions
B7 The Rhyming Song
B8 Thinkin' Top/Pretty Face
B9 Brian Knows
C1 Counting Things
C2 Christmas All Over Again
C3 Bill, Dave And Jed
C4 Everything Is Happy And Nice
C5 Rock And Roll With Julie
C6 Larry Nance
C7 Bite the Wax Tadpole
D2 Grain Elevator
D3 I Wish I Was Arnold
D4 I'm Not Waiting
D5 Up And Down The Donut With Frank
D6 The Song Of The Pioneers
D7 The Man Who Wasn't There

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