Kód: 1180344 | Značka: Bakk

GEN-Y / G.F. - The Third Mind 12"

320 Kč

GEN-Y debuts on BAKK with a release that hits every corner.


Cosmic Desert

Earth #4


Drunk On Ya Lips

Kategorie: Electro
Release date: August 17, 2020
Catalogue number: BAKK017

Four refreshing tracks that dabble in familiar styles without a single concern for tradition. Packed with three tracks by GEN-Y solo and one as G.F. together with Paule Perrier. Whether you like acid breaks, snappy electro, dreamy psychedelia or ghetto house with a twist, GEN-Y got you covered. Comes freshly served in screen printed comically radiant artwork by the BAKK Catharsis Company.

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