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Gilb'R ‎– On Danse Comme Des Fous 12''

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After such a strange year of acceleration/deceleration, it now feels the right time for On Danse Comme Des Fous (“Let’s Dance Like Crazies”), Gilb’r’s first solo album. It’s not his first outing, of course; he is the Versatile Records guru, the ghost from Château Flight alongside I-Cube, and a revenant of our Bright Future. All these past records are, in a way, also his. But ODCDF clearly is its own moment.

Kategorie: Ambient / Electronic
Catalogue number: VERLP42
Release date: May 2021

On Danse Comme Des Fous is the final chapter to necessary meanderings, the light at the end of a tunnel of learning: independence and/in process. Far from being the contrived work of a nerd, ODCF mirrors the Luddite commandments: machines become here the tools of freedom. The record is a spontaneous dance de Saint Guy, a record proud of its imperfections. Gilb’r does not have time for the new codes of hipster ambient. Instead, he leads us back to the 90’s riding some smokey radio waves (the album has its roots in his Radio Nova years), preferring immature psychedelism to prefabricated revival.
Lead by Gilb’r, a now incarnated phantom, the trip always is unexpected (Plant Life). We pass fellow travellers, I-Cube on Super Spreader or Cosmic Neman (Zombie Zombie) in a strange Russian ballet (Я не хочу знать), and, that goes without saying, we will end up totally lost.

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