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Jeremiah R. - The New Wave 12"

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"Signaling the genesis of a new force in machine soul, Organic Analogue commences operations with the effervescent tones of Jeremiah R’s The New Wave EP, a full-bodied, red-blooded exercise in robotic funk and celestial soundscapes backed up by a remix from Drexciyan electro titan Heinrich Müller.

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Media Condition: VG+
Sleeve Condition: VG+
Catalogue number: OA 001 Limited Edition, Numbered, White
Release date: Dec 2013
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A somewhat shadowy figure, Jeremiah R has surfaced once previously with the super-limited run of his The 5th Dimension album. That LP first unveiled his gift for achingly beautiful synth arrangements and crisp drum programming. On this EP of bittersweet jams, the Rotterdam-based producer displays a keen ear for plush vistas of chords and pads steeped in the romance and wonder of science-fiction, while keeping a healthy eye on the appetite of an expectant dancefloor where it counts.

“Aquarian Dream” makes for the perfect starter, swirling in on lively arpeggios and starry-eyed synth lines before the stout drums and full-fat bass round the top-end reverie out with assured precision.
“The New Wave” does away with this cosmic optimism and instead heads into an introspective space, with its timeless bass line and nostalgic melodies identifying itself as the EP's heart and soul. “The Astral Journey” manages to pitch somewhere in between its two predecessors, all shimmering echoes and spacious patterns suspended by fine slithers of percussion. “Memory” too opts for a floating premise, drifting into earshot in a beatless hypnosis before considered pulses of mechanical means provide a heartbeat to the blissful, harmonious swells.
“Read Only Memory” remix by Heinrich Müller, one of the more recent aliases for Detroit-born Gerald Donald, calls upon his cohort from Dopplereffekt to inject some breathless vocals into a creation steeped in sumptuous synth work, from the gutsy bass lines to the austere balance of delicate melodics that evoke romance from electronics like no-one else could.

With a tagline that states “memories of interstellar travel”, you can expect more evocative, star-gazing material from Organic Analogue Records in the near future."

Words by: "Oliver Warwick"

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