Kód: 1180465 | Značka: Mannequin

June - Silver Demon 12'' LP

450 Kč

Greek artist June makes his debut on Mannequin Records with the 'Silver Demon' LP. The album explores a futuristic dystopian world where transcendence and oppression coexist, where claustrophobia and infinite openness coincide. A world of contrasts that is the product of the artist‘s active imagination and conscious effort to confront the subconscious.

A1 The Passenger

A2 Exit Strategy

A3 Citadel (Interlude III)

A4 Vortex 21

A5 Odyssey

B1 The Omnipresent Eye

B2 First Age

B3 Dialogues (Interlude I)

B4 Behind The Walls

B5 Silver Demon

First Age

Behind The Walls

Silver Demon

Kategorie: Wave / Experimental
Catalogue number: MNQ 134
Release date: 06 Feb 2020

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