Kód: 1180485 | Značka: Isle Of Jura Records

Jura Soundsystem ‎– Transmission One 2x12''

650 Kč

A blend of Dub, Ambient, Downtempo, Boogie and Proto House with a focus on music never before released on Vinyl, sought after out of print titles and some special versions edited specifically for the album.

A1 Smackos - We Can Watch Alf In The Hotel Room
A2 Astral Engineering - Seashore Dub
A3 Minus Group - Black Shadow
B1 Ken Dang - Born In Borneo (Jura Soundsystem Edit)
B2 Trevor Bastow - Integration
C1 Kash - Percussion Sundance
C2 Tabou Combo Superstars - Ooh La La (Jura Soundsystem Edit)
D1 Blindboy - Traumerei
D2 MIx-O-Rap - All Party People (Special Mix) (Go-Go Style)

Jura Soundsystem Ambient Tools
D3 Jura Soundsystem - Jungle
D4 Jura Soundsystem - Ocean
D5 Jura Soundsystem - Time
D6 Jura Soundsystem - Pyramids

Smackos - We Can Watch Alf In The Hotel Room

Astral Engineering - Seashore Dub

Minus Group - Black Shadow

Kategorie: Downtempo
Catalogue number: ISLELP003
Release date: Jul 2018
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