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Kamazi - Inner M31 12"

280 Kč

Kamazi is a freshly coined moniker of Andy Hart, the founder of Voyage Recordings and now contributor to Deep Sound Channel.


Flight Inertia


Kategorie: Techno
Release date: 30 November 2018
Catalogue number: DSC016

"Inner M31" premieres three tracks rooted in the world around us. The whispering "Aerocentric" introduces the EP. Broad sonorous strokes are met by bubbling bass and skittering beats as Hart creates a work of pure immersion. Drums are bolstered in "Flight Inertia." Amidst the glazed rinses and metallic sheen runs a line of deep melody, beautifully fragile strings cutting through the trembling resonance of air and speed. The finale comes in the form of "LOx." Returning to nature, Kamazi crafts an ambient work of embracing warmth, shimmering chords and stargazing hope. From the bucolic to the urban, Hart sculpts atmopheric and intimate music with a tenderness of touch that is simply unique. First run on solid blue vinyl.

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