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Kash - Supercool / Percussion Sundance 12"

350 Kč

Originally released in 1981 on the mysterious "Newlock Records" (apparently associated with the even more mystifying pirate label "Records Production") is a production by Giuseppe Sergio Santapaga, a guitarist from Milano, and Edo Martin an Italian session musician. Supercool would seem to be a sort of cover of a song contained in the soundtrack of "Revenge Of The Pink Panther" and the mystery about this song thickens, and it is this stuff for the freaks of Discogs, since there is an unobtainable instrumental version called "Entity" by the "Entity Band".



Percussion Sundance

Kategorie: Disco / Italo-Disco
Release date: April 20, 2020
Catalogue number: BSTX077
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