Kód: 1180445 | Značka: Second Circle

Khan - Blue Box Sessions 12"

375 Kč

The eighteenth release on Second Circle is the label's second exploration into an artists archival works; this time presenting a selection of four early tracks by theatre, film and music producer Can Oral under his Khan alias.

Give Me More

Sweet Pink Lemonade

Slow Stepper

Warm Lethereth

Kategorie: Novinky
Release date: 27 Nov 2020
Catalogue number: SC 018
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Named after the color painted studio where the EP was produced between 1993-1996, 'Blue Box Sessions' is a collection of four analogue machine driven cuts, covering different tempos and ethos within electronic music. Initially live recorded to an old DAT recorder, and without any overdubs, SC018 is a lost and found artefact to Khan's unquestioned raw talent and timeless relevance. 

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