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Maoupa Mazzocchetti ‎– UXY Dosing© 12''

650 Kč

UXY Dosing©(UD)is a maximalist genre of electronic music that refers to sound productionsthat make for a radical succession to the minimalist genre, regardless of style and aesthetic practicethough mainly associated with the field of sound arts.More precisely, it designates that which embraces heterogeneity and allows for complex systemsof juxtapositions and collisions, in which all outside influences are viewed as potential raw material.

Kategorie: Experimental
Catalogue number: BFDM 025
Release date: 01 Feb 2021

However, UD relies more on singular experimentation rather than the additionof musical characteristics attached to specific genres.Subsequently, UXY Dosing© gives birth to MDM(Maximal Dance Music)which, beyonda sole matter of genre, remains linked to the high consumption of dextrose associated with milk,which de facto shares the same acronym as MDM(Maximal Dextrose & Milk).Read : Dextrose, energiser or poison ?

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