Kód: 1180040 | Značka: Tape

Mark Du Mosch - Midnight Run 2x12"

350 Kč

In the autumn of 2009, a chance encounter at an underground party in the city of Leiden (NL) offered us a very first glimpse of the astonishing and talented DJ that is Mark Du Mosch.

Day By Day

Midnight Run


Give Me The Night

Penta Kristal


Kategorie: Techno
Release date: Jun 2013
Catalogue number: TAPE003

On numerous occasions ever since, Mark surprised us with his adventurous trackselection, his raw and energetic mixing technique and the way he constantly pushes himself to cross the borders of genres while always maintaining his trademark style. It’s fair to say that no other DJ has left such an overwhelming impression on us as Mark did.

Whether or not Du Mosch is as good a producer as he is a DJ is for you to decide. But on this forthcoming double pack he sure demonstrates the same diversity and liveliness as he does in his DJ-sets!

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