Kód: 1180061 | Značka: Bliq

Metropolis - Solitude 12"

250 Kč

Nick Lapien is back on BLIQ under his Metropolis incarnation, with “Solitude” is the latest effort by the Berlin based producer.

Kategorie: Bazar
Release date: 15.2. 2016
Catalogue number: Bliq13
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The title track yields a spiralling locked groove that’s complemented with moist vocoder lines in tandem with dreamy synth riffs, its refined remix version delivered by Delsin’s D5 (formerly known as Dimension 5). The B side kicks in with the proto-kraut and catchy number that’s meant to heat up dancefloors “Identify” while B2’s “The other Life” delves into similar territory with a warm electro touch.

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