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My Cruelty - The Secret Weapon

250 Kč

Limited edition of 55 C44 tapes.
THE SECRET WEAPON (GEN040) by MY CRUELTY is a tapestry of ambiguous harmony, rolling synth stabs and sparse, syncopated drum patterns. 

Kategorie: Kazety
Release date: 19 Apr 2020
Položka byla vyprodána…

With endless and never tiring reinforcement, slow - or phantom? - template shifts undergo sudden phase transitions: icy house piano phrases undergo a process of mini counterpoint, later on even complemented by acidic permutations. As the boundaries between tracks dissolve, a dance floor ready scintillating grid illusion unveils itself.

Limited edition of 55 C44 tapes.
Pro-dubbed & on-body printing by Headless Duplicated Tapes.
Cover design by BESSA illustration.
Printed & laminated by Indigo Print.

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