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Oliver Torr - T.E.P.E. - cassette

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The Trans Europe Postal Express (or T.E.P.E. for short) of Prague electronic producer Oliver Torr is an international project based on remote collaboration. A case with a Tascam Porta02 multitrack tape recorder was sent to various locations across Europe together with an instruction sheet, blank tapes and a sketchbook.

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Release date: 31 March 2021
Selected SHAPE artists were challenged to step outside their usual creative practice and worked with the given medium – in this case a cassette tape recorder. Each artist had three days to create a tape recording according to instructions. After completing the task the artist forwards the case to the next artist who continued in the same manner.

After all the recordings were done, the case containing recordings from several artists returned to the starting point – into the hands of the project’s initiator, Prague based musician and sound artist Oliver Torr. He then processed the material to create a collaborative music album which explores the boundaries of authorship through the project’s use of indeterminacy. Torr’s creative process was inspired by the recorded material (audio, writings, drawings) as well as by the stopover locations and the communication with involved artists.

In this project the sampling method is a way of receiving energy and pushing it into the creative process. All the received material is ‘sampled’ or appropriated in different ways: left in its original form, processed, or serves as a point of departure and doesn’t emerge in the final product in its original form at all.

T.E.P.E. is inspired by various pioneers of indeterminacy in music, where the music which is being created is formed by unpredictable inner or outer influences. The project proposes an idea of post-indeterminacy in which the collective energy and sound itself pushes the author's mind into unknown territories.


All music written, recorded, performed by Oliver Torr.

Additional samples and sonic and/or written energy: Clara de Asís, Elvin Brandhi, Fausto Mercier, Moesha 13, Peter Kutin, Poly Chain, Rojin Sharafi, kӣr, Širom

Graphic design: Matěj Moravec


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