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Organizatsiya - A L'Ombre Des Roches 12"

475 Kč

An extraordinary twilight world opens while listening to Organizatisya. Adventurous yet humble, they push the limits towards the unknown. One thing’s for sure, it’s fresher than the juiciest peach on a perfect summer day.

Die Idee Der Toleranz


We Cannot Promise You Privacy

A Song For Marius

Une Comptine Pour Jeanne

Avatha Subumbra

Sur La Digue

A Shade Of The Princess Z' Castel

Kategorie: Novinky
Release date: 22 Oct 2020
Catalogue number: KH 032
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Organizatsiya hail from Lyon, France. Leo and Zoe clearly have strong roots in folk and acoustic music. These ‘old worlds’ blend in surprisingly well with more contemporary digital, futuristic sounds. Soothing analog recordings meet hyperdigital compositions reminiscent of IDM creations and peppered with spoken words that dance around in unexpected ways.
Seductive, intelligent and deeply hypnotic, this esoteric material delivers a dreamlike experience.
Like finishing a game and celebrating victory with cheap champagne in a neon light lit bubble bath with the end tune of The Legend of Zelda in the air.
With Maxime Bisson on bass, and several great contributions by guest musicians on this record. Designed sleeve and printed inner sleeve by Guilhem Prat.

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