Executive Slacks - Seams Ruff LP
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Executive Slacks began in the hot, humid summer of 1980 Philadelphia by Matt Marello, John Young and Albert Ganss, three bored, broke, anxious art students. Starting out with performance art in subways, they soon took their angst-ridden act to galleries and night clubs. A1 I Don't Know What To Do A2 Radiation Baby A3 BoringA4 Semi-Boring A5 30 Years A6 Inside/Out B1 Filet Mignon B2 Join The Army, Johnny B3 Who Am I? B4 Bang My Head (Against The Wall) B5 They Read B6 I'm Coming (Bedroom Version)

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VA ‎– Outer Himmilayan Presents 12''
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Dark Entries and Sacred Bones team up to release the early discography of UK synth-punk and Deathrock label Outer Himmalayan Records. A1 Soft Drinks - Pop Stars In Pyjamas A2 Soft Drinks - Cinzano Wet Dreams A3 Soft Drinks - Dangers Of Drink A4 Soft Drinks - Misconception A5 The Magits - Fragmented A6 The Magits - Disconnected A7 The Magits - Disjointed A8 The Magits - Detached A9 The Magits - A Pawn In The Game B1 S-Haters - Death Of A Vampire B2 S-Haters - Research B3 S-Haters - The Deepest Of Reds B4 S-Haters - Drift B5 S-Haters - Industry & Nature B6 S-Haters - 1980 Soft Drinks - Pop Stars In Pyjamas The Magits - Fragmented S-Haters - Death Of A Vampire

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Marcel Dettmann ‎– Selectors 003 2x12''
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Although he’s now known as one of the world’s most celebrated techno artists, even Marcel Dettmann had to start somewhere. A1 Front 242 - Don't CrashA2 The Force Dimension - Algorythm (Manipulating Mix)A3 Executive Slacks - So Mote It BeB1 Martin Dupont - The Light Goes Through My MouthB2 A Thunder Orchestra - Diabolical Gesture (Marcel Dettmann Edit)B3 Twice A Man - Happy LifeC1 Cabaret Voltaire - Low Cool (Marcel Dettmann Edit)C2 Kaa Antilope - Rise Up Helicopter, Like A BirdC3 Clan Of Xymox A DayD1 Ministry - Same Old MadnessD2 Fad Gadget - Back To Nature

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VA ‎– De Koer 1981 (Rare Demos - Previously Released On Cassette)
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A collection of demos and live recordings from Amsterdam/Dutch post-punk bands capture the early 80s sound and offer a unique insight into the spontaneous, DIY music style of the time. Wide representation of styles on here - from driving guitar punk to weird minimal synth .. A1 Dark Ravens Of Dance - Stumbling Round A2 Helmettes - Half Twee A3 Plus Instruments - Big Man A4 Mekanik Kommando - Money For Pleasure A5 Minny Pops - State Of Mind (Demo) A6 Streetlife - Golden Boy, Golden Lover (East) B1 Motel Bokassa - Janu B2 Nasmak - My Void B3 Neon - Headache B4 Soviet Sex - Time Time B5 The Mutant Jasz - Gold Square Garden B6 The Actor - Oh Eddy A1 Dark Ravens Of Dance - Stumbling Round A2 Helmettes - Half Twee A3 Plus Instruments - Big Man

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Contrepoison - ...Until Next Morning 12"
399 Kč

Deep, somber vocals filled with sorrow and anger cap it all. 45 rpm 12" vinyl + insert. A press of 500 on  Avant! Records.   Until Next Morning The Snake Has Bitten Its Tail HeartbeatTo Never, Forever

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