Kód: 1180036 | Značka: R-Zone

R-Zone - Jungle Raver / Down-E Rave / nRg Zone 12"

250 Kč

Here comes R-Zone 05, this time coming from a pair of established producers who work both solo and as a duo (and one of them runs a prominent German label).

Jungle Raver

Jungle Raver (Down-E Rave)

Nrg Zone (Happy Mix)

Nrg Zone (Moody Mix)

Kategorie: Techno
Release date: 05 Sep 2013
Catalogue number: R-Zone 05

The first track is 'Jungle Fever', a slowed down, dub-culture tinged track of sampled loon bird calls, tooting melodies and raw metallic drums that churn deep down below. It's the sort of track that needs to be played in summer, ideally with a reefer on the go. 'Down-E rave' again calls on druggy references for its inspiration - this time E'd-up dancefloors in the mid-nineties. It's a lazy beat with curious vocal stabs, prominent drum breaks and plenty of deft synth work that takes you up, up and away in style. The flip-side sees two versions of 'nRg Zone'. The Happy Mix is a rinsed out and tripped out track of streaming melodies, more old school and rough drums and plenty of bright, pixelated melodies stabs as well as softer background pads. The Moody Mix operates much more down in the darkened doldrums. It seems to have heavy heart and sultry mood as the percussion churns on beneath golden streaming pads and like everything on the R-Zone series, is stuffed with plenty of very real atmosphere.

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