Kód: 1311 | Značka: R-Zone

R-Zone - R-Zone 16 12"

199 Kč

The R Zone series excels at raw, inventive, off kilter club music from a range of mysterious artists. That fine tradition continues once more here with another four cuts of inventive music that takes cues from techno, IDM, acid and house.

Kategorie: Bazar
Media Condition: Near Mint
Sleeve Condition: VG+
Catalogue number: R-Zone 16
Release date: February 29, 2016

Lumidei is all wonky drums and out of time hits and is a brilliantly weird cut full of spacious atmospherics. Mynheer is built on a bed of broken beats, knocking hits and metallic textures that all tumble and fall around loosely and invitingly. Dédale d´or then takes you on a trip through the outer edges of the universe with rough hits and drums scraping out a groove as big, bold synth chords add an air of melancholy and finality to proceedings. Things close out with Skagerrak, a perfectly roughhewn drum track that is backed with sensuous synths and lots of cosmic moods. Arresting and compelling, this yet is another unique R Zone release that cannot fail to stand out in any DJ set.

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