Kód: 1180460 | Značka: Mannequin

Sam De La Rosa - Slick People 12"

320 Kč

Sam de la Rosa of the band Led Er Est, and with Karen Sharkey of The Coombe, is back on Mannequin Records with his third release with 4 stunning tracks blending the finest TR-606 driven electro cold wave with expressive spoken wordy minimal synth instrumentals.

Who Are You Today?

Slick People

If You Can't Stop


Kategorie: Novinky
Release date: 19 Nov 2020
Catalogue number: MNQ 135

It's de la Rosa's third release and is driven by a perfectly chilly TR-606, its ice cold sounds making for perfectly futuristic electro. The minimal spoken word beats add layers of allure and a dehumanised vibe that makes it all the more occult. 'Who Are You Today?' is a zoned out opener, while 'Slick People' is more creepy and subversive. Limited edition of 260 copies, each copy was individually numbered.

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