Kód: 1180292 | Značka: Tevo Howard Recordings

Sequence Report - Secromance 12"

250 Kč

Inspired by the early pioneer work of artists such as The Art of Noise and Kraftwerk who crafted the computer automated voice in electronic music. Secromance , nonetheless, utilizes tuned and pitched automated vocals in a bit more of exploration within the Chicago Electro House genre. 

1 Emotion Number Eight
2 Tragedy
3 Possession
4 Beauty To Body Count
5 Even With All Odds (Catch-22 Mix)
6 Exotic Object
7 Been Steppin' To Your Love
8 See Quincy Report

Been Steppin' To Your Love


Kategorie: Electro
Release date: 01 Oct 2013
Catalogue number: TTHRDR023
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