Kód: 1180446 | Značka: Knekelhuis

Spill Gold - Highway Hypnosis 12"

550 Kč

On Highway Hypnosis, their first album on vinyl, Spill Gold masterfully juxtaposes darkness and light, playfulness and control, enhancing the transcendental character of the material at hand.

Beast Machine Alien

Highway Hypnosis





Bird Soul

Kategorie: Novinky
Release date: KH 033
Catalogue number: 27 Nov 20

Based on strong pop structures, the songwriting here traverses a world of Krautrock and cosmic influences at once catchy and alienating, opening the possibility for catharsis. The Amsterdam duo’s music is every bit as colorful and moving as its seasonal counterpart, where one moment a cold and stormy wind swarms the air and other times calm and stillness prevail.
They’re a wonderful addition to the versatile nature of Knekelhuis. And they’re crazy good live as well.
Beautifully designed sleeve / innersleeve by Jacob Hoving. Mastered by Wouter Brandenburg.

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