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Stano - Anthology LP 2x12"

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Anthology of Stano’s productions spanning the start of his solo career in 1982 to his 1994 “Wreckage” LP. Featuring 18 tracks from the five LPs he released in that time span on double vinyl with extensive liner notes, it is a comprehensive look at one of Ireland’s more enigmatic musical characters.

A1 Room
A2 Emma Wild
A3 Melting Grey
A4 Dream and the Little Girl Lost
B1 Majestic of Majesty
B2 Kissing Trees
B3 Yellow Canary Car
B4 When Life Slips Away
B5 Hayley (Journeys Outside My Body)
C1 Fire Caught In the Rain
C2 Ascendancy
C3 Singular of the Dark
C3 Cry Across the Sea
D1 Brook
D2 Bleeding Horse
D3 Drain Puppet
D4 Chaplin
D5 When You're in Love (The Bathroom)

Kategorie: Wave / Experimental
Release date: 26 Sep 2020
Catalogue number: ACSLPx2

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