Kód: 1180232 | Značka: L.I.E.S. Records

Steve Moore - Steve Moore 12"

350 Kč

At 2019 a synth master Steve Moore made a welcome return to L.I.E.S. with this eponymous ep, first on the label since 2012.

Broken Kills

Future 99


Future 86

Kategorie: Žánry
Release date: 13 Sep 2019
Catalogue number: LIES134
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Through these four tracks Moore creates a world with simplistic stripped down beauty, often using one synth and a drum machine to effectively construct alternate realities, as heard on the opener Broken Kills. This continues on the b-side opener Eigengrau, while Future 86 and Future 99 take a more dramatic komische influenced soaring arpeggiated approach. Unmissable.

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