Kód: 1416 | Značka: Macadam Mambo

The Pilotwings ‎– Une Nuit Au Boxboys mini LP

350 Kč

A new master piece is coming on Macadam Mambo, presenting two young guys from the « Lyon » scene where the label is based, called The Pilotwings.

Kategorie: Novinky
Catalogue number: MMLP303
Release date: 01 Feb 2016

They were instantly noticed last year with their smashing first EP « Agorespace » released on the young BFDM imprint, creating the buzz with strong break tracks in a super fresh spirit.
This time they’ve let all their great inspiration take over, to deliver a strong piece of « Chicago » oriented House with tribal and japanese influences, the 707 is never too far, and a sexy male voice brings you into the moist backroom of this club named « Boxboys ». Essential must have !

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