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The Undertaker’s Tapes - Autolysis

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Prague collective Wrong's first solo release in their catalogue by Prague-based French producer Léo Hivert aka The Undertaker’s Tapes.  Autolysis is the first in planned series of recordings exploring theme of body and decay. It serves as the opening act focusing on cellular auto-destruction which comes as a mirror to the introspectional work that we have been put through during these doomed times.

Kategorie: Novinky
Release date: 01 Dec 2020
Catalogue number: WT03

The Undertaker’s Tapes debut album On the Last Day on Area Z label followed by several remixes and contributions to various compilations made him one of the most promising upcoming producer within the EBM and industrial scene. Here he brings the doze of destruction in diverse approaches: from angry industrial through EBM dance-floor killers to noisy melancholia. 6 original tracks are accompanied by ritualistic heavy collaboration with French producer Incendie and four remixes delivered by EBM machinery Mind Matter, rising Czech techno madman C4AT and two members of Wrong collective HYΛEN and Trauma. 


WRONG is Prague-based DIY collective, label and event series promoter delivers post-industrial, harsh club, evil rave, raw ebm, hardcore and weird experimental music. Anti-house initiative.

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