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THIRDWORLDLABOUR - Wiederkunft Eternal

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Throughout the course of 10 tracks of ‘Wiederkunft Eternal LP‘, the debut album by German producer thirdworldlabour, a digitally cold climate dominates throughout while a specific kind of affectivity is captured in each track.

edition of 50 cassettes

Kategorie: Kazety
Release date: 11 Dec 2020

The sound design ranges from emotionally brutal and uncanny to blissfully divine. An emphasis of using chopped vocal samples together with choir-like ambience often creates an ethereal atmosphere which subsequently is shattered by seemingly primitive and at times overtly mechanistic drum programming. Repeatedly Cryogenic synth melodies are paired with unwavering percussion that evoke connotations of fully automated, industrial production processes. Whereas in other parts, steady vocal arpeggios prevail in a textural landscape which seems to dissolve itself into non-physicality.

Reflected in the works title, the album draws upon the concept of the 'Eternal Return' which has its origins in non-western philosophy. The concept relates to the notion of pre-determinism and assumes that time and space are infinite progresses in which the individual is living their life over and over again in a never ending recurrent cycle.
Wiederkunft Eternal examines said concept within the expressive potential of sound and specifically tries to investigate the relationship between hope and despair as central themes in human experience.

cassette design by Ver
photos by František Svatoš

manufactured by Headless Duplicated Tapes

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