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toiret status - liquid house

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toiret status is the ultimate artificial butterfly, pollinating various leading experimental imprints with material that eventually blooms into the top tier experimental electronic music around. Coming from Yamaguchi, Japan, Isamu Yorichika has released a vast portfolio of releases via essential labels like Dream Disk Lab, Noumenal Loom and Orange Milk Records. Czech cassette label Gin&Platonic released his latest, collaborative-heavy EP - 'liquid house'.

Kategorie: Novinky
Release date: 21 Feb 2021
Catalogue number: G&P017

Don’t get confused by it’s title though, it only refers to an ever-changing fluidity already crucial for Yorichika’s work. In contrast to the upper butterfly metaphor, he allegedly compares his workflow to the overall process of consuming, digesting and excreting food. Usually just rushing through the waste pipes, on 'liquid house', Isamu’s production fills the whole environment. Or rather - it creates it. 'liquid house' marks advanced beat-driven sound tectonics, outlined by witty synths and effected vocal samples, together forming a bumpy, unstable space constantly swaying and narrowing due to reverberation. Visiting Isamu’s liquid house is a purely joyful experience - glittery walls of the see-through interior wiggling against the laws of statics, casting glare and reflections of sun rays emitted amids this inhabitable sodden bouncy castle.

Maintaining the whole architectural process is not a one-man business tho. Isamu luckily managed to find helping hands of various remarkable producers. The Polish sound carpenter ehh hahah brings the finest of the “audio furniture“ off his latest album on Warsaw’s to equip the interiors of #88. The Hague-based, South Korean producer, Cat Psalm alias Sima Kim, helps setting up a proper cat climber inside of #72, while the enigmatic Soundcloud superstar Crimewave enhances #94 with decent trap-flavoured kicks. Talking remixes, Taiwanese producer Sabiwa plants some more fragrant flowers alongside the porch with her remix of #103. Tri Angle’s and Quantum Natives’ very own renegade Brood Ma does all the necessary plumbing duties, rinsing the sludge out of the pipes with a gloomy remix of #88. The TT and All Centre London based representative Harry Murdoch alias hmurd handles final rearrangements of the space, reading the property for a wild house-warming gathering.

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