Kód: 1180239 | Značka: Totally Freaked Out Power Electronics

Tuning Circuits - No Compassion 2x12"

500 Kč

Abrasive EBM led Acid Techno jams, insanely hard to get. Original cassette came out in 1990 in a limited edition of 200 copies. All rhythms, synths, vocals, effect, tape and radio manipulations by RB. Recorded live at home April/May 1990. No mixing or editing afterwards, no samples, no stereo, no dolby. 

I Am A Non-Believer (Looking Out Of The Window On Sunday Version)

I Know What You Want (Hardcore XXX Version)

No Compassion (No Compassion Version)

Come Again (Sleazy Orgiastic Version)

Mindbender (It's In Your Brain Version)

It's In My Brain Too (Screaming Oscillator Version)

It's In Our Brain (Hardcore House Version)

Now You Know Where You Stand (Too Heavy Bass Distorted Version)

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